Thursday, December 28, 2006

Call #3: Reconciliation

Jared at Sportive Thoughts has put out the call for submissions to the third Carnival of Citizens. The theme this time is reconciliation, though more general entries are also welcome. Here are a few possible questions to get you started:
Is reconciliation solely religious? Or can a kind of social justice, too, achieve a means to reconcile poor with rich, criminal with the law-abiding? If religious alone, why, and from what religious perspective or attitude can reconciliation be achieved? Can divergent perspectives or attitudes be reconciled, or at least, find grounds for peaceful dialogue? When one apologizes, what allows you to accept and move on? What allows one to apologize? Do apologies even serve to reconcile conflicting parties? Can they? Should they? What else can?

You can help spread the word by posting the call on your own blog. And remember to send in your entry by January 5th!


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